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Cherry Street started out as a little garage operation in the foothills of the Rockies and quickly spread and built up great community support. Initially being known as a cooperative, we established our identity as applying cooperative ideals to everyday life. These ideals focus on education, community, and sustainability. We are here for the community just as the community is here for us.

We are a crazy group of people who love to brew lots of beer and share our passion for brewing. Cherry Street always has something fresh and exciting to enjoy. We continue to come up with crazy off the wall recipes and experiment with unusual ingredients and wild yeast.

Based in Vickery Village of Cumming, we are in partnership with Rick Tanner’s Grille & Bar. Join us for a pint, or swing by the brewery for a tour.

14% Shutdown Stout Release Party July 29th @ 5pm

By on July 25, 2014


Not very often does a major city shutdown for multiple days due to 3″ of ice and snow. Not very often does a Georgia brewery release a 14% stout. We are here to announce the release of our Shutdown Stout. This 14% Dry Oatmeal Stout was brewed in honor of Leon’s Winter Storm in January 2014 which crippled Atlanta and most of the Southeast. We are talking about 3″ of ice and snow. Think Perfect Storm. My 6 hours stuck in my car seems like nothing compared to those who spent the night in their car and even had to abandon their cars and walk miles. I had plenty of time to easily convince myself that when this is all over, we are going to brew the biggest beer we could legally brew. Once I finally arrived home, I realized the severity of the situation and realized that we too would have to abandon our brewery and batch of beer we were supposed to brew the next day. Instead of brewing a 4.5% experimental session ale, we came back to work and brewed this 14% monster. This beer is dedicated to Atlanta looking like the opening scene of Walking Dead, and more importantly, this beer is dedicated to all those individuals and business who welcomed people in and gave shelter from the storm. It’s snow ordinary stout.

Come celebrate on July 29th at 5pm the release of Shutdown Stout. This 14% Dry Oatmeal Stout was hand bottled with our first collector label. Only 150 of these bottles exist. Make sure you get one!

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