What is a Co-op?

Do You Know Your Brewer?

What is a Cooperative

Company Summary

The Brewing Cooperative is more than just a place that brews beer. The Brewing Cooperative follows cooperative ideals: Community, education, and sustainability. Although the customer always comes first, so does our community in which we live, and the environment.

Mission Statement

We pledge every customer will enjoy each visit better than before, every patron will leave a little smarter than when they had arrived, and every day, we will follow strict sustainable guidelines to ensure we do not make too big of a footprint.

Values and Principles


  • We are here for the community
  • Establish/bring together like minded people
  • Community involvement in BC and BC involved in the community
  • Establish network for people’s needs
  • Brewing the beer the people want to drink: votes, competitions.


  • Knowledge is power
  • Who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do
  • Brewing, beer styles, beer culture


  • Environmental Stewards
  • Our practices and methods are of sustainable measures, using spent grain for cattle feed, heating water for brewing by using the sun and reclaiming heat, and reducing waste.